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PrestaShop Website Update for Your Online Store

As a Prestashop store owner, it is really important to keep your online store up to date. We understand that at times it might be a difficult task considering that as a business owner, your main focus is to increase sales. However, it is equally important to keep upgrading the online store to enjoy the latest benefits/advantages and offer your customer a user-friendly and secure shopping experience.


Being the successor of Prestashop 1.6, Prestashop 1.7 offers a comprehensive set of new features, security enhancements, and overall better performance.

That being said, here are some of the new improvements:

- Improved Visibility & Search Engine Performance

- Quicker and Simpler Product Management

- Profoundly Stable and Improved Security

- Quicker Checkout and Improved Site Execution

- Speedy Product creation

- Better administrative center interface and framework activities

- Fast client account creation

If you are looking to upgrade to Prestashop 1.7, let us help you!


Why Us?

We at PrestaWeb Developer have been working with Prestashop since its inception, hence are well aware of its every nut and screw. Our team of PrestaShop certified developers have carried out numerous PrestaShop upgrades and helped merchants intensify their business. While upgrading your store to the latest version, we make sure your site experiences no downtime and your data is in place on the new upgraded store as well.


The best part, our services start from only $50 per man hour and are geared to deliver the results that you expect.


If this is something of interest, we would love to get on a short call/chat for a quick review of your current Prestashop store and demonstrate how we can help you save time & resources while upgrading it to the latest version.

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