The five most effective tools for promoting an online store on the Prestashop system

Immediately after opening an online store on Prestashop, the question arises as to how to promote it. After all, without promotion, the site will remain just a beautiful catalog of goods that no one knows about.

Самые популярные инструменты продвижения интернет-магазина на Prestashop

The most popular tools for promoting an online store on Prestashop

Promotion of an online store is a set of measures aimed at increasing the number of users who will go to the site and buy the product they like. The most popular promotion tools:

  • SEO
  • search advertising
  • price aggregators
  • social networks
  • email marketing

SEO for Prestashop

SEO (search engine optimization) is the internal and external optimization of an online store in order to raise its position in the search results. The traffic that comes to a website through search engine optimization is called organic, and it is one of the most stable sources of quality leads for an online store. And prestashop programmers have made the engine for online stores truly SEO-friendly.

SEO Benefits

No need to pay for clicks. You can compete with big players on low-frequency queries. SEO brings results even long after the optimization stops.

Disadvantages of SEO

Organic traffic is called free, but even if you do not need to pay for clicks, you have to pay for the work of an SEO specialist, copywriter, link building, etc.

It is difficult to predict, and even more so to guarantee any result. The algorithms and requirements of search engines are constantly changing, so it often happens that what worked yesterday will not work tomorrow.

A significant result from SEO can be seen no earlier than after six months of active work on the site.

Search advertising in Prestashop

Search advertising is a set of tools that help promote products. Search advertising is divided into contextual, banner and Google Shopping.

Contextual advertising in Prestashop

It is shown above and below the results of search results, which gives such ads an advantage over ordinary pages. You can see them thanks to the small "Ads" mark in the upper left corner of the ad. To get to the top of the search engine results, you do not need months of promotion, as in SEO. In addition, Prestashop has made it a little easier to use contextual advertising for its customers. But you need constant investments in the advertising budget, without them ads will not be shown. In addition, setting up advertising is quite complicated, so you need to pay the contractor.

Banner advertising in Prestashop

These ads are shown on sites that have been added to the Google AdSense system. It is seen by users who have previously searched for a certain product on Google. Advertising banners can be in the form of a static picture or a dynamic image. The main drawback of this channel is banner blindness. Users are so accustomed to ubiquitous advertising that they have learned to ignore it.

Google Shopping for Prestashop

This advertising channel has gained popularity among European sellers due to the relatively low price and the ability to show images and prices of goods in search results. To use this tool, you need to set up a connection between Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords, create a data feed in Prestashop and run a shopping campaign.

Get a Google Shopping setting as a gift when ordering an online store on Prestashop

Email Marketing in Prestashop

With the help of email marketing, you can effectively advertise products and remind about the brand through emails. To use this tool, you need to collect a database of interested users and make regular mailings with useful information. Ask webPCstudio how to prevent emails from being spammed.


Relatively low cost. You only need to pay for the use of the service for mailings and the work of a specialist. You can segment the database and send users exactly those offers that interest them. Easily track results: clicks, conversions, purchases, etc.


It is necessary to find an experienced email marketer who can think through a competent strategy. It's hard to do that on your own. The mailing base can be collected very slowly, and it is highly not recommended to use the purchased one.

SMM and Prestashop

Promotion in social networks allows you to tell about your goods or services to a huge number of users of these sites. In social networks, you can run targeted advertising, maintain a company page and do remarketing.

Advantages of SMM

Precise targeting, which allows you to show ads to the target audience that will be interested in them. The ability to form a loyal audience of page subscribers and increase brand awareness. Large coverage, because social networks are used by millions of Ukrainians.

Disadvantages of SMM

The use of targeted advertising requires constant financial investments. The audiences targeted by ads burn out quickly, so they need to be updated periodically. Users go to social networks to have fun, so they are not initially aimed at buying.

Price aggregators Prestashop

Price aggregators are sites where data on goods from different online stores are placed. Users can compare prices and choose the best offer.

Advantages of price units

An opportunity for beginners to quickly get the first sales. For many customers, the price of goods is more important than the site on which they buy. Relatively low cost. Unlike marketplaces, price listings direct buyers to the seller's online store. This means that in the future these customers can be motivated to repeat purchases.

Disadvantages of price units

You need to pay for each transition from the price aggregator to the online store. In popular niches, you can run into high competition.


There are many channels for promoting an online store on Prestashop, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing channels, start from your niche and advertising budget. After the launch, be sure to analyze the indicators in order to invest only in effective channels in the future and get more sales.

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