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Everything you need to sell products online

Create an e-commerce website

Manage everything from the backend of your website: product catalog, orders, payments, shipping, customers

Set up a full-fledged online store

We will customize an e-commerce website to match your brand identity, specific functionalities, and everything your business needs

We can help you increase your revenue

We will teach you modern technologies for launching marketing campaigns to reach more customers for your business

Launch an international website

Sell worldwide: conquer new markets with a multilingual store

For obtaining modern and technologically advanced website development capabilities, saving on future promotion investments, and achieving more flexible synchronization with inventory and accounting systems, the PrestaShop system is suitable.

Online store price

The cost of a modern corporate catalog or e-commerce website using the PrestaShop system with classic functionality: 2500 EUR

PrestaShop 1.8 2024

The price includes initial optimization, as well as 12-month support and guarantees for proper functioning of the software, along with lifelong informational support for further effective implementation of internet technologies in your business.

If you are unsure about your specific needs or how to effectively utilize modern internet technologies in your case, you can request a free consultation. Considering the active use of modern information technologies such as conferences, remote desktop, cloud storage, and more, it is entirely possible to address virtually all issues promptly and comfortably, even when located in different cities or countries.

The experts at webPCstudio are ready to take responsibility for all matters related to your company's internet technologies and are committed to ensuring a return on your investment. We are available to provide consultations through convenient contact methods listed on our website.

We offer a modern corporate site-catalog or site-store using Prestashop for your business:

  • classic Prestashop 8 functionality
  • additional modules for navigation, comparison, filtering, search, product and category descriptions
  • modern responsive design layout for all devices
  • convenient checkout page
  • tuning your server for optimal speed and security
  • starting SEO
  • 1 month unlimited support
  • 12 months of advisory support
  • after 21 days you can already trade from the site

Create an effective online store for your business with PrestaShop

PrestaShop 1.8 2024

Try PrestaShop - demonstration of the basic functions

See how PrestaShop looks from the back office:

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Unleash the full potential of your online presence with modern technologies - request a free consultation with a specialist right now.