IT Expert for Your Online Business

Variant 1: Initial Support and Assistance in Management

We take care of all the concerns regarding the proper functioning of your website and server, providing assistance in project development on your chosen domain and desired country/geography

You simply need to communicate your questions/tasks/needs through messaging/email/phone, and within a few hours, you will receive qualified responses/results from our web specialists

300 EUR/month

Variant 2: Active Support and Assistance in Development/Promotion/Advertising

Under our daily supervision, everything operates consistently and steadily online, with increasing efficiency, aiming to become one of the top websites in your business niche

700 EUR/month

Variant 3: Expanding Your Reach and Entering New Markets

Bringing your business to a new level of performance and profitability in the online space through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and tools

Proactively promoting your business using ethical search engine optimization methods, maintaining strong positions, increasing the influx of potential customers, and improving conversion rates in terms of quantity and quality

1500 EUR/month

Variant 4: Maximum Immersion

You gain a fully dedicated expert collaborator in the form of webPCstudio IT company

Realizing your maximum ambitions in your local and international markets

3000 EUR/month

For the effective development of your online business, all technologies necessary for your project will be available for implementation, including additional international domains, multishop, multilingualism, SEO-2024, utilities for updating the site using files, etc.

The price of the monthly subscription fee includes the improvement/migration of your site to the European PrestaShop system, which is gaining popularity in Europe and the USA, where 4000+ modules have already been developed to improve your online business, you will no longer be distracted by technical and online marketing issues, but experienced IT specialists will professionally support your accounts and websites at a modern level, including SEO, server security and speed issues, annual renewal of domains/hosting, etc.

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Professional services from webPCstudio experts

Preliminary consultations and advice

Email or call us right now (more details)

free of charge

Creating a functional website on PrestaShop 8

The price includes all necessary modules, initial SEO and technical support for 12 months (more details about PS)

2500 EUR

Configuring your web server

Checking and optimizing your site and corporate mail for maximum performance and security

250 EUR

Transferring/deployment of your project on the server

Improving site placement to increase its efficiency, help with configuration and testing

250 EUR

Restoring the site's functionality

Inspection, repair, treatment of the site from viruses and further control during the month (more details)

500 EUR

Improvement of the software part of your website

Updates of modules, core, layout, SEO adjustments, verification and further control during the month (more details)

750 EUR

Content creation services for the website and social networks

Processing, parsing, filling from XML, XLS, CSV

500 EUR

A localized version of your site for your language

Localize your site so you don't lose customers from your country (more details)

750 EUR

Professional audit of your website and server

Checking and evaluating the technical, functional, security, and SEO status of your website and server infrastructure

1000 EUR

Development and implementation of applied utilities

Personally according to the structure of the category tree of your site + auto-generation of the SEO tags-blocks you need, etc.

500 EUR

Forced indexing of your site's URLs

Help with getting your site pages on Google as soon as possible, especially for new products and services (more details)

100 EUR

Adjusting advertising in Google Ads

As an official Google partner, we help you effectively advertise your products and services (more details)

100 EUR

Development and implementation of the synchronization system

Automation of data exchange with a warehouse or accounting system, taking into account the specifics of your product catalog

1000 EUR

Update your site to modern technologies

We work with your favorite systems to effectively transfer your business to the PrestaShop platform (more details)

2500 EUR

Private lesson-training for you or your employees

We will prepare and in an hour we will tell and show you interesting IT tools and life hacks to increase your productivity

250 EUR

We work on a project or task basis only because we are committed to resolving your tasks as quickly as possible

If you want to work with webPCstudio - write right now - we will definitely agree

Professional hosting for your website

  • with active technical support by sysadmins to control cyber security, stability and speed at the price of a dedicated server
  • full unlimited, limited only by the occupied space in GB and the resources of multi-core processors (more details)
  • 2GB - 84 EUR/year
  • 5GB - 168 EUR/year
  • 10GB - 240 EUR/year
  • 25GB - 504 EUR/year
  • 50GB - 720 EUR/year
  • 75GB - 864 EUR/year
  • 100GB - 1128 EUR/year

Everything you need to sell products online

We will create an e-commerce website for you

Manage everything from the back office of your website: product catalog, orders, payments, shipping, and customers

We will set up a fully functional online store

Configure an e-commerce website according to your corporate style, specific features, and everything your business needs

We will help increase your revenue

Teach you modern technologies to launch marketing campaigns and reach more customers

We will launch an international website

Sell worldwide: conquer new markets with a multilingual and multi-currency store

Help for your online business

Unleash the full potential of your presence on the Internet with the help of modern technologies - order a free specialist consultation right now

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