The path to success with webPCstudio: to make the Internet better by creating truly effective, fast, safe, convenient and really working sites.

The most important thing for webPCstudio, as for a modern IT company, is reputation and long-term contracts. Trust has to be earned with quality work and a constant desire for something new that will benefit our customers.

webPCstudio offers you a joint innovative partnership business as few people do in the high-tech services market. In achieving our goals, an intuitive and convenient website and high-quality SEO and effective online advertising will help us, and marketing in 2021 is not only text, pictures, videos and public relations, but also building relationships.

Work for the result and for the result is impossible until you know the customer’s business for 100%, so we need to get to know each other, clarify absolutely all incomprehensible moments and find the true mutually beneficial cooperation. 

We have a lot of work ahead with the responsibility of all parties! Successful projects are created by the team on the part of the IT company while working closely with the team on the client side. Moreover, on the client side there should be ONE responsible manager, only one speaker from the company through which communication with webPCstudio is going on. This does not negate team meetings, discussions, brain storms, but there must be ONE person who collects all the requirements for the project and is responsible for communication from the client.

There will be many tasks, so we sort things out by importance, where in the first place there are things that will bring the most money, or will take most of the money if you don’t do it, and then things that make the most fun, and then things go, which is easiest to do. If the matter is difficult, unpleasant, and even does not bring money, then it should not be included in the list at all.

Key highlights of webPCstudio:

  • we directly specialize in Internet programming, and we develop, customize and implement unique functions and modules that are really necessary for each project, which allow you to quickly and conveniently manage information on the site
  • We try to keep abreast of all modern achievements and technologies, therefore the tools we offer allow you to effectively manage your business without specialized programming and technology knowledge
  • all sites are developed with an emphasis on their further advancement in search engines, therefore typesetting, scripts, texts undergo additional testing and optimization, which allows all international search engines to freely index the site and increase its position

There are five main components of a successful project on the Internet:

1) Content - high-quality, interesting and most importantly useful thematic information about your company, its services / products, technologies, news, promotions, etc.

2) SEO - the analysis of the semantic core, key queries, competitors, and the correctly developed strategy for the further promotion and development of the project, correctly made at the initial stage, will allow to increase the capacity faster and more efficiently

3) Project development - high-quality implementation of ideas, needs and suggestions of the customer, creation and configuration of systems and modules with convenient content management and necessary tools

4) Marketing - a competent and correctly selected strategy for further development, taking into account the market and feedback about visitors through the analysis of data from statistics and analytics systems

5) Design - the correct implementation of user-friendliness and high-quality design make the site memorable for visitors, motivates them to return to the resource and share interesting information with their friends on the Internet, and an adaptive design layout is used for comfortable display on modern mobile and tablet devices

How do we do it in webPCstudio

Work on the site boils down to the following:

  • refinement and optimization of the information content of the site to improve search engine performance
  • Improving download speed and site page security
  • improving usability for visitors on various devices and Internet browsers
  • attracting the target flow of potential customers to the site in various legal technological and advertising ways

To do this, do:

  • audit of all major sections of the site with the help of special web tools to increase the issuance of the site in search engines
  • analysis of site status and traffic after each stage of change and optimization
  • analytical and marketing research of the competitive environment on a given topic and geographical region on the Internet
  • correction of key accents in the headings, description and informational content of the site
  • providing comments and reports on the implementation of work with the conclusions and recommendations of specialists
  • providing advice and technical support on the effective use of Internet technologies

The main stake in the strategy is placed on the landing pages of sections of the site and specific cards of goods or services (optimization of headings and tags, unique text, micro-marking), taking into account the current requirements and wishes of the search engines Google, Bing, Yandex in 2020.

As a result, we guarantee an increase in total and targeted attendance from the Internet (you can measure and see data by comparing key indicators in the Google Analytics system for the required period before and after work). The percentage of growth can be predicted after two months of work with the project.

As a result of cooperation with webPCstudio, you will receive:

  • technological and high-quality software products
  • high speed of work
  • individual approach to solving tasks
  • free informational assistance on all issues of Internet technology
  • legally established guarantees of quality and terms of work

Thanks to honest, transparent and efficient principles of work in recent years, we have gained regular customers and partners from many cities of Ukraine and Europe. The sites created by webPCstudio specialists are visited daily by tens of thousands of users.

webPC company values ​​its image and brand, conducts an open and transparent business policy, participates in open ratings and IT competitions: 

webPC specialists are ready to take responsibility for all issues related to your company's Internet technologies and are interested in returning and increasing your investment in modern methods and tools. We are ready to advise in a convenient way for you at the contacts listed on our website.

If you do not know what you need and how you can effectively use Internet technologies in your case, then you can order a free consultation. And given the active use of modern information technologies: skype conferences, remote desktop, cloud storage, etc. quite quickly and comfortably, it is possible to solve almost all issues even while in different cities and states.