Localize your site so you don't lose customers from your country

Order the development of the localized version of your website

This means:

📍Any goods that have a computer program installed on them, from cars to washing machines or electric kettles, must be "localized" for implementation. The goods must have a localized-language interface regardless of whether this interface uses an electronic screen or has a control panel with regular buttons.

📍All internet resources (websites, social media pages, YouTube, Viber, Telegram channels, mobile applications, etc.) used as online representations of business entities registered in your country, including informational internet resources, must have the main localized version. This version should be loaded by default for users in your country. The localized version of an online representation of a foreign business entity that sells products in your country may have less information than the main version but should be sufficient for users to fully understand the purpose of the entity's activities.