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Starting from July 16, all Ukrainian websites must be in Ukrainian.

Exactly one month from now, on July 16, 2022, Part Two and Part Six of Article 27 of the Law of Ukraine "On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language" will come into force. These parts regulate the use of the state language on the Internet and the language of interfaces of computer programs installed on goods. This means that starting from July 16, 2022:

📍Any goods that have a computer program installed on them, from cars to washing machines or electric kettles, must be "localized" for implementation in Ukraine. The goods must have a Ukrainian-language interface regardless of whether this interface uses an electronic screen or has a control panel with regular buttons.

📍All internet resources (websites, social media pages, YouTube, Viber, Telegram channels, mobile applications, etc.) used as online representations of business entities registered in Ukraine, including informational internet resources, must have the main version in Ukrainian. This version should be loaded by default for users in Ukraine. The Ukrainian version of an online representation of a foreign business entity that sells products in Ukraine may have less information than the main version but should be sufficient for users from Ukraine to fully understand the purpose of the entity's activities.

"It is worth noting that business entities that provide services to Ukrainian consumers on the Internet (online stores, online catalogs, etc.) have been required to place information about goods and services in the state language on relevant internet resources since January 16, 2021. However, from now on, they are required to have a full-fledged Ukrainian version, which should be the main version (containing the maximum amount of information) and should be loaded by default," said Taras Kremiń, the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language.

According to him, the absence of a Ukrainian-language version of an informational internet resource after July 16, 2022, may constitute a deliberate violation of the language law by its owner or indicate the absence of state registration of a mass media outlet and/or the owner as a business entity.

"This, in turn, will mean that the owner of the internet resource intends to operate outside the legal field of Ukraine and will generate justified mistrust towards the information published on the resource," emphasized the Commissioner.

ℹ️Also, starting from July 16, 2022, the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language will be able to impose fines on officials of state authorities and local self-government, as well as managers and employees of enterprises, institutions, and organizations of all ownership forms, and other individuals who violate the law.